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Bridal Jewellery Stores

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  • Adityam Jewels by Aditya Natani

  • Devanshi Renu Jewels

  • Agni CZ Gold Jewels

  • Blues Jewellery

  • Kothari's, Pune

  • Malabar Gold

  • P Satyanarayan Gems & Jewellery

  • Raghunandan Jewellers

  • Soni Sapphire

  • Sriram Jewellers

  • Swastik Jewellers

  • L D Sons, South Extension 1

  • Satyam Jewels, Punjabi Bagh

  • Jaipur Jewels

  • Shrichand Jewellers

  • Sonoor Jewellery

  • Sohanlal Jewellers

  • Deep Jewellers

  • Nirakara Jewels

  • Abhinandan Jewellers

  • Jewels D'Allure

  • Babbar Jewellers

  • Ivory Mart, Connaught Place

  • Krishna Kripa Sana Jewellers

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Wedding Bridal Jewellery Set

Bridal jewellery plays a pivotal role in making or breaking the way your bridal look turns out. In fact, the significance of a bridal jewellery set is not restricted to the way your outfit turns out during your pre-wedding, wedding or post-wedding celebrations. The value of bridal jewellery is often carried forward through various generations as heirloom pieces too. Be it bridal gold jewellery sets, silver ones, platinum, diamond, artificial, statement or any other type of jewellery like floral jewellery or Gota jewellery - no matter what kind of jewellery you have in mind for yourself or for the bridesmaids and family members, you need to cherry-pick the best. 


Every bride out there dreams of looking dreamy and perfect for their wedding, be it the minimalist bride or the ones that love going over the top. To add to your bridal charm, you always pick the perfect bridal lehenga or the best bridal makeup artist and even get the latest mehndi designs done. You will need to pick the right bridal jewellery set to complete the perfect bridal look. It is however a herculean task to find the right kind of bridal jewellery for each occasion especially because India is home to numerous types of bridal jewellery designs. To assist you in picking the appropriate bridal jewellery sets for each of the ceremonies and for each of your bridal looks, you can use some expert assistance.


The WeddingWire India app and website enlists more than 2300 bridal jewellery vendors who are committed to providing you with the best bridal jewellery for your wedding ceremonies. Be it a Kundan jewellery set for the pheres or be it a Temple jewellery set for the day wedding - scroll through the list of expert bridal jewellers in India listed with WeddingWire India to finalise your pick. In fact, you can also pick multiple bridal jewellery for different kinds of jewellery sets or if you like versatility while accessorising your outfits. 


How to hire the best bridal jewellery vendors using WeddingWire India?

  • The filters that are available on the WeddingWire India app and website are for your comfort and convenience. To make the process of picking the best out of the top bridal jewellery vendors in your city or anywhere in India, the first available filter is the Region filter. You can find the top jewellers in the metropolitan cities by looking for bridal jewellery in Mumbai, bridal jewellery in Kolkata or bridal jewellery in Delhi NCR and so on. You can even find the best bridal jewellers in Pune, jewellers in Ludhiana and other places throughout the 29 states and 7 union territories within India.
  • The next filter helps you pick the type of jewellery you are looking for. You can pick from a variety of options available like bridal gold jewellery, silver, diamond, platinum, gemstone and more. You can pick your floral jewellery for the Haldi or some statement necklaces for your sangeet using this filter. You can not only scroll through the designs that they offer ready-made but you also fix an appointment to get your bridal jewellery customised. The prices of each jewellery piece that you pick will depend on the design, the weight, the material, the gemstones used, the number of man-hours for the labour, the brand and much more. Make sure to stick to your wedding budget while picking any bridal jewellery set online. 


Get in touch with an expert vendor to get yourself the trendiest most beautiful bridal jewellery sets. Be it bridal gold jewellery, silver, platinum, diamond or even artificial bridal jewellery sets with price - the WeddingWire India app is a one-stop-shop for all.


What are the different types of Bridal Jewellery?


  • Bridal Gold Jewellery: Traditional bridal gold bridal jewellery sets are always on top of their favourites list for most brides. Apart from conventional bridal gold jewellery, bridal jewellers these days also offer a variety of attractive designs in bridal gold jewellery that can be made in customised designs and made to look contemporary too.
  • Diamond Jewellery: A diamond bridal jewellery set is always close to the bride’s heart. It is a symbol of romance and the cherry on top is it goes with almost every type of bridal outfit you pick. An evergreen type of jewellery, diamond jewellery will make you look ethereal.
  • Silver Jewellery: Silver jewellery for brides is not very popular for the wedding day but brides often flaunt silver Payals, silver nose rings and so on for other pre and post-wedding ceremonies. Silver bridal jewellery sets can be  Oxidised silver jewellery has often been picked as accessories by the bridesmaids and guests too.
  • Platinum Jewellery: Platinum jewellery is mostly looked up when you are in search of the perfect wedding ring or platinum love band as it is popularly known today. 
  • Gemstones: If you have been speaking to a marriage astrologer, there are chances that you will need to wear certain gemstones. In fact, there are times when you might want to get a ruby set or a piece of emerald jewellery set for your wedding. Gemstones add to the charm of your bridal jewellery set. 
  • Floral Jewellery: Jewellery that is made of real or artificial flowers is mostly popular for pre-wedding rituals like Haldi and Mehndi. Floral jewellery is very popular, especially in North Indian culture. You can check out the individual storefronts to find artificial bridal jewellery sets online with price.
  • Artificial Bridal Jewellery: Many brides have opted for artificial jewellery like junk jewellery, statement pieces, costume jewellery and so on that complement their look to the T. If you plan on wearing a lot of different outfits and are looking for baubles within your wedding budget, artificial jewellery is your go-to. These artificial bridal jewellery sets with price will blow your minds! There is a piece of costume jewellery for every outfit you pick. If you are looking for matching artificial bridal jewellery with price, then you can visit the storefronts or get in touch with the vendor professionals for more details. 



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Frequently Asked Questions in Bridal Jewellery

How much can bridal jewellery cost?

Bridal jewellery prices depend on various factors, such as the price of the precious metal and gemstones, the weight of the jewellery, the design and layers, etc. You can also share your spend limit with the designer and find jewellery options within your budget.

How to pick the perfect bridal jewellery?

When trying to find the perfect bridal jewellery, take these factors into consideration: the colour and the neckline of your outfit, your choice of precious stones and metal, your budget, and of course, what kind of designs you are drawn to. You can check out the wedding jewellers on WeddingWire India for inspiration.

Can we customise our bridal jewellery?

Bridal jewellery prices depend on various factors, such as the price of the precious metal and gemstones, the weight of the jewellery, the design and layers, etc. You can also share your budget with the designer and find jewellery options within your budget.

How can I rent bridal jewellery?

Stores that offer bridal jewellery on rent take a deposit amount for the rental. This is an additional security deposit apart from the rent amount you give. The deposit is given back to you once you return the jewellery without damages.

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