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Find Best Florist Services


Flowers are without a doubt an indispensable part of weddings in general. From the marigold flowers that primarily star in almost every wedding to the Christian bride throwing the flower bouquet to her bridesmaids - flowers have always been a prominent feature at weddings. The millennial couples have often put together a dainty bouquet and put these bouquets along with the wedding favours and return gifts for the wedding guests. We also find kids standing at the wedding entrance and welcoming everyone with a flower that many often tuck in their hair for that perfect retro touch to their outfit or those flower petals being showered on the couple as they take their pheras. Flowers have also been used to frame arches that lead up to the mandap or the altar at weddings for the bride and groom to walk under a beautiful sheet of blossoms on the big day. 


If we start listing all the ways flowers are significant to weddings, the list will be endless, and all of it points to the many reasons you need a florist at your wedding. Picking a professional florist for your wedding is pivotal because working with fresh flowers can get tricky. From sourcing fresh flowers for the wedding that often include flowers that specifically bloom during specific seasons to working on unique floral arrangements, turning them into arches, bouquets, varmalas, and even petals for the flower shower - the job of a florist is not only artistic but also includes a lot of logistics and management. A skilled professional florist will know which flower suits which weather best and how to keep the flowers fresh during the ceremonies, and so on. 


Finding the best florist online has never been easier! All you need to do is download the WeddingWire India app or visit the website. Enlisting some of the top florists in the country and ensuring top-notch services, the WeddingWire India app is a blessing. Not only will you find a florist within your estimated wedding budget, but you will also find a florist who is ready to fulfill your expectations when it comes to tailor-made services included in the package. 

How to find the best florists with WeddingWire India?


WeddingWire India is a platform that helps you plan the most important day in your life with ease. From exploring different vendors to shortlisting them as per your preferences with the help of online filters, you can plan your wedding in a few simple steps from the comfort of your home. Florists are experts responsible for beautiful your venue by adding elegance and beauty in every fold. From the first impression of creating a gorgeous entrance decor to setting up the right colour palette for your mandap design, they add elegance and grace to your ceremonies. Each florist listed on WeddingWire India has an individual storefront with descriptions of their services, products, designs and experience. You can choose your perfect match as per the facilities they offer. Each florist has an online gallery of stunning floral arrangements and designs they have worked with and created in the past for their clients. You can explore their images and videos to decide if their working style matches your vision for your wedding day. WeddingWire India helps you make the right choice in choosing your wedding florist by providing a list of reviews by previous clients sharing their insights and experiences working with the florists. 


Locating the ideal florist for your wedding ceremonies can be a challenging task. To make this search easy for you, WeddingWire India provides you with a list of all the states, cities and localities you can choose to explore to find your perfect wedding florist. You can create a shortlist of vendors as per your choice of location and find florists near your home or wedding venue in no time. Another way to narrow down your search for the right wedding florist is through your wedding budget. Every florist has a different way of working and can offer you multiple booking packages with services that you can customise as per your choices. Wedding florists can provide you with beautiful indoor wedding decor starting from INR 25,000 and going up to INR 2,00,000. If you plan to host your wedding on a lawn or garden, they can also provide you with outdoor decoration services that range between INR 50,000 and INR 3,00,000. 


Through WeddingWire India, you can not only explore the multiple vendors across the country but also find popular trends in wedding decorations crafted perfectly by expert florists. You can find many ideas, tips and tricks for gorgeous floral decor for your wedding by the in-house experts of WeddingWire India that gets updated regularly. WeddingWire India also provides you with 24x7 constant assistance to help you plan your wedding flawlessly with their Concierge services. You can ask all your wedding-related questions and queries and be assured that they will be resolved in the best way possible. 

What does a florist do?


While the wedding decorator is responsible for decking up your venue and getting it ready for the big day, the florists solely take care of everything that involves flowers. Even if you need a breathtaking backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot, the florists can help you create one with flowers that are rare too. They, in fact, ship flowers from abroad to fulfill your requirements to the T. The team of florists is capable of creating floral decorations that are in sync with your wedding theme. These professionals not only provide you with pre-wedding and wedding day services, but they also offer post-wedding services. The work of a florist at weddings is much more than just making flower bouquets, as is the general misconception. They are responsible for literally making or breaking your wedding. Right from adding beautiful fragrances to creating the wedding decor a sight for sore eyes - the florists you hire will be the magicians weaving beauty into your wedding plans. Here are some services that the florists provide couples with apart from the usual wedding venue decor with flowers:


  • Floral Installations: Mehndi is one of the best pre-wedding ceremonies with fun, colors, and music. To make your mehndi setup perfect, there is often a floral jhula and other unique floral installations that might be a part of your Haldi decor. Along with an array of flowers to pick from, florists offer excellent techniques and unique ideas for these floral installations to add grandeur to the wedding. 
  • Table centerpieces: Centerpieces have to be eye-catching yet in sync with the overall theme and decor of the wedding to create a beautiful ambiance. Florists can help you create and install beautiful centerpieces not only for your wedding but any occasion. From smaller centerpieces at each table set up for your guests to wedding centerpieces that are taller than 7 feet sometimes - they can do it all. 
  • Jaimala/Varmala:  In Hindu weddings of any culture, exchanging garlands is a significant ritual, and these garlands come in a wide variety of ranges. From rose varmalas to jasmine and even orchid ones - you can pick the type of flowers, the fragrances, their colors, and even the weight of the varmala, and your florist will create a masterpiece unique to your wedding.
  • Bridal bouquets: Bouquets of any type are quite a common sighting at weddings. Florists are capable of creating unique floral bouquets for the bride.
  • Floral jewelry: The florists can often provide you with floral jewellery worn at the Mehndi ceremony or the Haldi. 
  • Floral mandap: The mandap is the center stage. This altar is the most pious area in the wedding where the priests light up the holy fire for the couples to take their vows. Florists are the ones who create unique mandap designs to make your wedding ceremony stand out and be remembered forever while, of course, giving you charming photographs. 



What to ask a florist before hiring them?


We are sure you must have a Pinterest board and a blueprint ready by now as to how you want your wedding venue to look when it is all decked up. From stunning floral mandaps to scintillating floral arches at the entrance - the florists will help you plan and execute everything right from scratch to make your venue look enchanting. But there are certain things you want to ask the florist to make sure you have made a perfect choice. 


  • What is your experience?


The experience that a florist holds affects their skills and, thus, the quality of work. The general idea is that with more experience comes more perfection. However, you can check their previous work for clarity. Remember, you need skilled professionals to put together your dream wedding!


  • Have you decorated any venues in this area before?


This is an important question to ask. Florists often need to examine the area, locality, weather, and distance from their workplaces to ensure smooth management and a hassle-free process. This is why you must ask them if they have visited or worked in your destination/venue before. If they have, it gives them an added advantage of the first-hand experience and therefore 


  • Can you work on customizations?


You must have a picture in your head or some images saved from Pinterest and Tumblr on how your wedding should look like. In order to be able to make that picture come to life, you must ask the florist if they can work on personalizations. 


  • Are you available on the dates required?


It is very important that the florist you have shortlisted is available on the required dates - mainly a few days before the wedding to set up the venue. Ask them if they are available or if the dates clash with another wedding, if they have multiple bookings, or it is a month full of Saya dates.


  • Do you have any rare flowers, or can you source a particular flower if we ask you to?


There are times when couples want a specific type of orchid or lily to be used in the wedding decor. In such cases, you should ask the florist if they can source a particular type of flower for your wedding.


  • Do you need to visit the venue? How many times?


The florist usually visits the venue or asks for images and blueprints to figure out what happens in the sequence. You need to ask them when and how many times they would need to see the venue to finalize the floral decor at the wedding venue for different events.


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Frequently Asked Questions in Florists

Do florists travel outstation for weddings?

Most wedding florists can travel outstation to your destination, but if you have also hired a wedding decorator, they may be able to handle your floral requirements.

How to hire a florist for a destination wedding?

You can hire the local florists near your wedding venue at the destination itself, or you can hire a florist in your town or anywhere in the country and fly them to your destination along with their team.

How much does a florist charge in India?

There tend to be two different types of packages available for you to pick from. The indoor decoration package starts at INR 25,000 and goes up to INR 2,00,000 and more. The other is the outdoor package that starts at under INR 50,000 and goes up to INR 3,00,000 and more.

Do florists charge extra for props and drapes?

If the package includes props and drapes, then no extra charge will be incurred. However, you can send an enquiry to the florist and they will put together a package for you.

How long does the Florist take to set up the venue?

Florists take from about a day to a week to set the venue up for your wedding depending on the type of decor you want and the theme and size of your wedding. However, they may need to visit the venue beforehand to take a look at the event spaces.

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