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Wedding Music

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  • Yaarana Band, Lucknow

  • Sai Baba Nadaswara Brundam

  • Turban Tribe

  • Madhans Band

  • Artkhoj

  • Singer Anish Chhabra

  • HB Music Lovers

  • Gemini Event Managers

  • Jagdish Prakash & Sons

  • Rahul K. Vaidya

  • Joginder Pal Sharma

  • Dynamo

  • Asit Tripathy, Malad West

  • Harman Pipe Band

  • Stunners Dance Academy

  • Anchor Sandipan, Kolkata

  • Khanna Sound & Electrictal Works

  • Shiv Milan Band

  • Vani Brass Band

  • Aawaaz, the Band

  • Ashok Music Group

  • Abdul Azeem Singer

  • Aakhira Band, Delhi

  • Horizon Band, Goa

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Wedding Music

he Indian wedding ceremonies are almost always a grand celebration - irrespective of the guest list. And music plays a very significant role in making these weddings such an incredible and joyous occasion. Be it the band that plays at your Baraat or the Shehnai that plays as your wedding background music as you take the pheres around the pious fire - Indian wedding music is that one thing that remains constant through the various cultures and the different rituals that weddings are made of. Picking the right music for the ceremonies can make your wedding unforgettable and enjoyable.


The WeddingWire India app and website have a multitude of wedding music and entertainment vendors all across the country. Once you have picked a wedding venue and hired a wedding planner to bring your perfect fairytale wedding to life - you and your planner can go through the list of wedding music vendors WeddingWire India has to offer and make sure that the bridal entry has the perfect background music or the baraat has the ideal amount of energy in the dhol beats or your Sangeet ceremony’s live music is a super hit. 

Questions to ask your wedding music experts before booking them?


Indian weddings are one of the most entertaining and festive celebrations where dance and music are imbibed in each ceremony. But to choose the right wedding music for your festivities, you should consider asking the professionals the following questions:


Experience: Always ask your wedding music experts about their experience to know more about how long they have been so that they can provide you with the best services for your ceremonies. 


Number of events: Inquire about the number of events they book in a day and a week as their quality of work depends on it. Also, if your choice of wedding music expert has multiple bookings on a single day, they might not be able to provide their best services.


Venue familiarity - If your wedding music experts understand your choice of venue, then setting up their equipment will be much easier. They will be able to perform better because of the ease and comfort of the familiar venue. 


Availability - The first question you should ask your choice of wedding music experts is if they are available on the dates of your wedding functions. 


Speciality - If you have a special genre of music in your mind that you want for your wedding ceremonies, choosing a professional wedding music expert becomes much more manageable. 


Equipment - Before you book a wedding music professional, inquire about the equipment they will carry to the venue so there is no hassle later on. 


Policies - Before finalising your wedding music for all your ceremonies, it's best to know more about their different policies, like payment, cancellation, refund, etc. 


How to pick the right type of wedding music for a ceremony?

There are certain things to consider before picking your wedding music. We have listed a few to help you get started:


  • Type of event: You must always consider the type of event you are hosting. For instance, your cocktail night before the beach wedding can have a live band that sings Jazz or Blues. Or if you are planning a palatial wedding then you can go for the ghazal singers or traditional folk singers for the event. The type of music is influenced by the type of event. You will need a certain type of music for your Baraat entry or for your bridal entry too. 
  • Place of the event & culture: The place of the event or the venue that you have picked also affects the type of wedding music you pick. A nice and rustic wedding evening will call for some old Hindi songs from the 70s and 80s for all to sway to. However, a regional wedding guest list will always be entertained by the regional songs/singers - a Punjabi wedding should essentially include Punjabi songs and singers in the itinerary for the celebrations. 
  • Type of music you like: Ultimately the wedding celebrates you and your love with your partner so a lot depends on the type of music that you like too. You could host a destination wedding but hire a music band that only sings regional songs of your hometown or culture. You might like stand-up comedy and decide to host a stand-up night during your reception instead of the usual music. Just like wedding decor and theme of the wedding depends on your taste, so does the wedding music.
  • Age of your guests: While picking the wedding music, if the purpose is to entertain your guests, then you also need to consider the age group of your guests and pick music accordingly. If you have guests who are mostly aged between 20-40, you could probably listen to GenZ playlists. However, if you have guests more in the 40-50+ age group then you might want to include RD Burman Karaoke and so on.



How to hire the best wedding music using WeddingWire India?

  • The WeddingWire India app and website provides you with an array of filters that will guide you to pick the best wedding music for your pre and post-wedding ceremonies. The Region filter helps you pick the location where you want your wedding music from. You could pick a location that is near your residence or one near the venue or anywhere in the country based on your preferences and convenience. WeddingWire India has amazing wedding music options in over 23 states throughout the country for you to pick from.
  • Now there are times when couples have looked for specific wedding music vendors too. For instance, if you are looking for Bengali wedding Sanai music you will have to pick a location for wedding music in West Bengal and in the case of Marathi wedding music, you will have to choose your location for wedding music in Maharashtra, etc. 
  • Once you have picked a location, the next filter helps you pick the type of Indian wedding music you are looking for. There are live singers, Ghazal Singers, Shehnai, Karaoke, bands/gigs, celebrity artists and so on to choose from. There are some other types and categories like Anchors/MCs, Dancers, stand-up comedy, Theater artists, fireworks, jugglery art and so on too. Pick one based on the type of your event and the type of Indian wedding music that would suit the celebrations well.
  • The next filter is the Price per Event one that will help you pick wedding music that falls within your wedding budget. Out of the multitude of wedding music vendors enlisted on the WeddingWire India app and website, you might end up liking one that is way beyond your budget or one that is not good enough for the budget. The Price per Event filter ranges from under INR 5000 to INR 1,00,000 or more. Once you pick the price bracket that suits your budget, only those options will be displayed on your screen that fit your requirements perfectly. 

Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Music

Should I hire a live band for my wedding?

Yes, hiring a band is a great option for a wedding. If you would like to enjoy live music at your wedding, you can go through the numerous options of live bands on the WeddingWire India app and website to pick one that suits your musical tastes best.

How to find Indian wedding music within my budget?

Use the price per event filter available on the WeddingWire India app/website to find an Indian wedding music vendor within your budget. The variety of price ranges will make sure that you find the one that is suitable for you.

Can we hire wedding musicians through WeddingWire India?

Yes, there are many wedding music vendors who provide instrumental music and more. You can visit their storefront for details, photos, videos and reviews to look over before contacting them.

How much does hiring wedding music cost?

Wedding music vendors charge different prices per event. In fact, you can get in touch with the musicians directly from their Weddingwire storefront to get a tailor-made package for the services.

Do wedding music vendors ask for advance payment?

There may be a percentage of the entire package that you will be required to pay in advance. However, many music vendors and entertainers or dancers ask for the full payment in advance. You can speak to them personally and come to a decision according to your convenience.

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