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Wedding Trousseau Packing

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Trousseau Packing

Who doesn’t like those perfectly wrapped shiny gifts and packets, and brimming with excitement about what’s inside it. Gifts become much more appealing when they are packed with perfection and this is where trousseau packing services come. Trousseau packers have expertise in transforming an ordinary object into an extraordinary one while presenting it in the most beautiful manner. Weddings in India are grand celebrations with multiple ceremonies where gifts are exchanged between both families. To make a lasting impression, gifts and packages are wrapped and presented in a gorgeous manner to catch the attention of the receiver and make them know they are special.

Indian weddings are nothing less than festivals that stretch for weeks or so with so many beautiful ceremonies, rituals and traditions that the bride, groom and their families have to host. From fun pre-wedding ceremonies to post-wedding events, there is just a lot that the couple has to tick off their wedding checklist to ensure that their wedding is the most memorable night of their lives. From finding the best wedding venues to an experienced team of wedding planners, wedding photographers that can capture each moment of their celebrations for posterity, a stellar bridal lehenga and whatnot. When so much is going on, don’t forget the tonnes of gifts that need to be packed with perfection. With such happy chaos around your wedding, if you are not able to take out time to wrap these packages, then you can always hire expert professionals for the job. Find hundreds of authentic trousseau packing companies on WeddingWire India and enjoy your festivities without any stress. Explore their world of services by visiting the website or downloading the WeddingWire India app from the Play Store or the App Store.

What is a trousseau packing service?

Trousseau packing is a specialised technique of packing and wrapping gifts in an appealing manner, while also organising them. Trousseaus can be of two kinds, it can be a collection of things by the bride that she will take with her for her married life, as well as all the different kinds of gifts that have to be given on varied wedding functions. A bridal trousseau is often shown to the relatives and friends of the bride and includes personal things like clothing, jewellery, footwear, accessories, household items, cosmetics etc. All of these are packed beautifully and in an aesthetically pleasing manner so that they can be presented in front of everyone. 

Furthermore, as a part of some Indian wedding ceremonies, gifts are exchanged by the bride and groom’s families and trousseau packing comes in handy there as well. The most ordinary thing can be presented lavishly by trousseau packers so that it wins the heart of the receiver. There are so many expert professionals available who will provide you with excellent services and wonderful trousseau packing services that will add charm to your wedding celebrations.

Choose the best trousseau packing services with WeddingWire India

WeddingWire India has an exhaustive list of skilled trousseau packing companies that you can choose and explore for your wedding day. No matter where you decide to get married, you can find a skilled team of professionals in your city. WeddingWire India has a list of multiple cities and localities that you can choose from and create a list of preferred vendors as per your requirements. With almost every city of the country present in this list, you can use the location filter as per your choices and find some of the best trousseau packers in your city. 

One of the most important things that the couple has to decide on as a part of their wedding planning is their wedding budget. Deciding how much of your budget should be divided for everything that will go in your wedding is not an easy task. But WeddingWire India can help you in that as well, with a specialised wedding budget planner to help you keep track of your expenditure. WeddingWire India also provides you with a price filter so that you can choose a trousseau packing service under your budget. The price range for a trousseau packing service can start from around INR 200 and can go up to around INR 3,000 and more depending on your package. 

Each vendor listed online with WeddingWire India has a dedicated page to give a gist about the company and all the services that they can provide you. You can also go through the attached portfolios of their previous work as well as videos showcasing how they like to work. WeddingWire India also provides you with reviews from previous clients so that you can make a sound decision for your wedding. Trousseau packing can be done in a multitude of ways depending on how you want your gifts to be presented. Some of the different products that trousseau packing companies can provide include boxes and trunks, makeup boxes, saree covers, baskets, jewellery boxes etc. If you are looking for something particular that will definitely stand out, WeddingWire India provides you with a product filter as well so that you can find the best trousseau packing service as per your requirement.

What are some popular trends in trousseau packing?

Trousseau packing has become an important part of Indian weddings nowadays, and especially for the brides and their uniquely packed gift hampers. Some ideas for bridal trousseau packing are:

Chest & trunks - You can find a wide range of trunks and chests available nowadays that come in various sizes as well as materials. These can be wooden or any other solid material that can be customised as per your choices. Wooden trunks can also be carved in any design or your initials as well. Depending on their sizes, they can be used to store your clothes, shoes, accessories etc.

Baskets - There are so many different and beautiful baskets available in the market today that you can choose from for your trousseau packing. They can be decorated beautifully with ribbons, decorative tissue etc and are best used for hampers including a variety of things. 

Boxes - Multi-purpose boxes are available for the trousseau packers in different sizes and materials. They can be covered in beautiful fabric like silk or velvet and can be used to store jewellery, accessories or cosmetics. Boxes or vanities can be used even after the wedding celebrations have passed. 

Trays - Trousseau packing companies can provide you with embellished trays including ring platters and Shagun trays. They can be used to present clothing, jewellery etc are decorated in a manner that looks very pretty. Trays are usually adorned with stonework, metal carvings or fabric prints. 

Personalised bags - Trousseau packing companies can also provide you with personalised shoe and garment bags that you can use to keep them safe. These can be personalised as per your choices, with your name, initials etch printed on them.

Colours - You can also match your trousseau with the colour scheme of your wedding. It would be a fun idea to execute. You can also coordinate the design of your trousseau with your wedding invitation cards as well.

Mistakes to avoid while booking your trousseau packing service

There are so many things that you need to keep in mind around your wedding. But some things that you should consider while finalising your trousseau packing company are:

Experience - It’s always best to work with a company that has good experience backing their services. As trousseau packers are professionals that have expertise in the field, you should be assured that the final result will match the ideal that is presented to you. Always go through their portfolio of work so that you can decide better, what will be good for you. 

Budget - Stick to your budget to avoid overspending on things, as you might because everything around trousseau packing looks pretty and gorgeous. A pre-defined budget will help you ensure that and there are plenty of trousseau packing companies that will offer you the best services within your wedding budget.

Booking - Trousseau packing experts are booked well in advance, especially for peak wedding seasons. So it’s always a good idea to start shortlisting vendors soon after your wedding date is decided and book them a few months in advance so that there is no last-minute availability issue. Also, when a trousseau packing service is booked at the last minute, the end results might not be that good as they will be working under pressure and the creativity will be hampered. 

Reviews - It’s always a good idea to check the ratings and reviews of your chosen trousseau packing company and learn about the experiences of their past clients. This will help you get an idea about how they work and what to expect while booking them. 

Payment - Every trousseau packing company will have their own policies about payment modes, cancellation, advance payments and refunds. Discuss everything with your chosen vendor prior to booking to avoid any kind of inconvenience later.

Shipping - Discuss the shipping details with your trousseau packing company at the time of booking so that you don’t face any hassle later on. The price quoted might and might not include the shipping and delivery charges as this depends on the company. 

Trends - Don’t follow the trend blindly that is making round on social media or Pinterest. There might be a popular trend that everybody is obsessing about but might not click with you. It’s best to choose a trend that resonates with you and portrays your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions in Trousseau Packing

What types of packaging options do trousseau vendors provide?

You can find a vast selection of trousseau packing options, such as boxes, trunks, or baskets, and saree covers, makeup boxes, and jewellery boxes.

What do traditional trousseaus offer?

Traditional trousseaus are packed with special items for the bride's wedding day, such as jewellery, linens, money, and precious family heirlooms.

How to choose trousseau packing?

When choosing your ideal trousseau, think of the special items you'll love to have on your wedding day, such as a nice perfume, jewellery, accessories and a nice package or even a vintage suitcase to carry your treasures. You'll find countless options on

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