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  • Lord of the Drinks Forum

  • Circus

  • Ssky's Bar & Lounge

  • Whisky Samba

  • TRE

  • House of Mandarin

  • Overtime Sports Bar & Grill

  • British Brewing Company, Inorbit Mall

  • The Beer Cafe, Churchgate

  • The Bar Stock Exchange, Juhu

  • Friction The Drinkery

  • Playboy Beer Garden

  • Excalibur Party Club

  • Black Pearl

  • De' Bistro

  • SPIZE Nothing Like That Bar-Be-Que & Bar

  • Hypnotic Lounger Bar

  • The BBQ Company

  • Cafe Sussegado Souza

  • Asteria, Tonk Road

  • Brix & Barrels

  • P18

  • Pub Le City, Pune

  • The Orange Truck Restaurant

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Find the Most Recommended Party Places Near Me

When you prepare a wedding checklist, finding wedding venues sits right on top of that list. There are numerous ceremonies and rituals that lead up to the wedding and then again there are a handful of ceremonies and rituals that the couple needs to celebrate right after the wedding. While there are numerous wedding venues like banquet halls, wedding lawns and farmhouses, marriage gardens and so on where you can host your main wedding ceremonies - you might need a different kind of venue set up for your parties like the bachelor party/bachelorette party, cocktails, mehndi night party and so on. In case you are looking for the perfect spaces that can make these events an unforgettable affair for you - you must take a look at the party lounges. Party lounges are appropriate for accommodating festivities on a relatively smaller scale than the main wedding celebrations.

What are party lounges?

In terms of the ambience and style, party lounges offer quite a contemporary setting. However, there are many party lounges that have a very rustic theme in case that is what you are looking for. There are in fact various party lounges that look like nightclubs with dance floors and disco lights and you will also find party lounges that have brewpubs or a restaurant set up with terrace seating and so on. Many venues often offer to deck their smaller event spaces up as party lounges. Quite often these party lounges offer outdoor spaces too along with a happening indoor space. These outdoor spaces can be lawns, gardens, terrace spaces and so on. You can hire a wedding decorator to deck the venue up or even ask the party lounge to get the place decorated for your celebrations. Depending on the size of the event space party lounges can accommodate somewhere between 20 to 400+ guests at a time. You can decide on a personalised seating arrangement to make your guests comfortable at the venue during the party.

You will find great party lounges at hotels too. Each of these lounges offers world-class services with in-house amenities like chefs, service staff, decorators, a variety of cuisines, in-house music, DJs and so on. With the numerous options available on the WeddingWire India app and website, you will surely find a party lounge for your pre-wedding or post-wedding celebrations within your estimated wedding budget that will fulfil your expectations.

Things to keep in mind before picking an ideal party lounge:

Picking a party lounge that fits your budget, provides you with satisfactory services and also gives you above par experiences to remember the wedding by is not all that difficult. You can go through the filters on the WeddingWire India app to find the best party lounges near you. We have listed a few points to keep in mind while scouting for top party lounges.

Location: Choose a party lounge in a location that is convenient for you, your family members as well as your wedding guests. You can check the distance and accessibility from airports, railway stations and bus stops for convenience in case you have guests coming over from outstation or in case you are planning a destination wedding. Pick a region or location that suits you and your guests.

Capacity: Make sure to filter the party lounges displayed on your screen using the capacity filter. Only finalise a party lounge that has a big enough event space or seating capacity to accommodate your guests comfortably. You can use the Capacity filter on the WeddingWire India app to find a party lounge that can host your guests with ease.

Budget: You must check the prices of the party lounge and compare them with your wedding budget to see if you can avail of all the services within the estimated budget that you have prepared. You can always check the best party lounges near you within your budget. You can pick the budget filter options on the WWI app and sort the available options based on your wedding budget to avoid any spillover.

Facilities: You must have a list of facilities that you are looking for from your party lounge. Check the type of facilities that you are looking for like in-house catering, in-house DJ, in-house music and so on. With the numerous party lounges enlisted with WeddingWire India, you will definitely find a party lounge that offers all the facilities that you are looking for. Do not forget to ask about the parking space and dance floor.

Choosing a Party Lounge

Finding the right party lounge for your wedding events will be a matter of visualising how you want each of those events to look and feel. As you browse party lounges in your area, look for venues with indoor and outdoor spaces that match your vision, plenty of parking, in-house wedding providers like DJs and bartenders, a menu your guests will enjoy, a variety of drink options and a dance floor. Remember that a venue that looks amazing in photos may not look as grand or as colourful in person, so it’s important that you visit potential party lounges before you book.

During your tour, make sure to confirm that the lounge can accommodate your guest list and that they can work within your budget. Ask whether there are any restrictions you need to know about, e.g., will they stop serving drinks at a certain hour, or are lit candles allowed? Can they deal with dietary restrictions? Are packages all-inclusive? If not, what won’t they provide? Finally, make sure you understand the party lounge’s cancellation and refund policies, just in case.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Party Places

Do party places offer catering?

Most party places do offer catering, while some only offer drinks and others may work with external caterers. You'll find a host of options on and you can check each party place's FAQs section to see what they offer in terms of catering and other services.

For what occasions is a party place suitable for?

Party places are ideal for any type of celebration and with the ample variety of party places available, you can find different styles to cater to your particular celebration, be it a wedding reception, an engagement party, a birthday, or an anniversary party.

What kind of party places can you choose from?

There are many types of party places, ranging from hotels and restaurants to nightclubs and lounges. You'll find exactly the theme and style you're looking for near you in

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