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Find the Best Astrologers Near You!

The most basic answer to what an astrologer does is that they read the position of the stars and planets to derive their effects on human nature and thus to an extent predict the future. But is that it? The answer is a big NO. Apart from charting the position of the stars in the sky to gain insights into human personality - astrology is one of the oldest forms of science as well as an art form that is now being carried forward with brilliance and precision. No, an astrologer is not a mystic room with a man and his intimidating turban, instead, an astrologer is a learned man who has the capacity to guide you and steer you through the different stages of your life - be it relationships, marriage, career or life in general.

What is astrology?

Astrology is a form of science that is largely dependent on the position of the stars and planets at a certain point in time. Astrologers play a very significant role in Indian weddings, especially Hindu weddings. Right from Kundali Milan in case of an arranged marriage (or love marriage too) to find out if the to-be-weds are compatible or not to finding the perfect date and Mahurat for the ceremonies - astrologers are like the north star of weddings. In fact, even before and after the wedding if you are looking for any spiritual guidance when it comes to your career or your housewarming (Grihapravesh) or even for relationship advice - astrologers will help you keep trouble at bay.

In order to make informed predictions, the numerous astrologers enlisted on the WeddingWire India app come with impeccable qualifications. They provide you with consistency, accuracy and the information they provide you with is always in an organised manner to keep it crystal clear. From birth charts to compatibility graphs and other complicated structures and predictions - you will find the solution to all your queries in one place.

Astrology can be a very personal process and you might even want to get on with one-on-one sessions with the astrologer of your choice. There are many astrologers who also provide these personal sessions or sessions on call and even over video calls.

What kind of services do astrologers provide?

The astrologers in India provide an array of services that will enlighten you and guide you right from the beginning.

Kundali Milan: Get your Kundalis matched! You or your family can see if you and your partner are compatible and if your wedding will be a blissful one by matching your birth charts. The astrologers are experts who can guide you and your family through a variety of stages. They can predict your future and also provide you with solutions to your queries.

Vedic astrology: Vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology. To make your marriage a blissful one, the astrologers will provide you with Vedic astrology too. It is an ancient form of astrology that explains the planetary motions and their positions concerning time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth. Surat astrologers can provide you with a horoscope chart that can be further used to read Kundalis and so on.

The science of reading palms and predicting the near future is known as palmistry. The astrologers in India can read your palm and help you steer clear of problems or take beneficial steps.

Numerology: Numerology is the mystical study of numbers, as the name suggests. This eponymous leg of astrology is similar to reading planets and zodiac signs connected to specific astrology attributes. According to the teachings of numerology, certain numbers are associated with specific traits or themes that the astrologer will help you understand to guide you.

Vastu shastra: They also help you with Vastu Shastra; Vastu shastra is a pseudoscientific traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India. Texts from the Indian subcontinent describe design principles, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastras incorporate traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs majorly. The astrologers will help you and guide you in times like moving into a new house or building a new home, and so on.

Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, treats ailments by using colors. The therapy is done by shining an appropriate color on a particular area of the body. The astrologers who practice color therapy claim the healing power of color can be used to aid sleep deprivation or insomnia, anxiety, and depression and help people find clarity and peace. However, it does not cure any kind of severe or terminal illnesses.

Relationship Advice: Right from helping you sail through the tough times to showing you the righteous path in your life that will make your relationship with your partner a smooth and happy one.

Career Advice: Astrologers in India can also read your birth charts or read your palm or maybe even listen to your problems when it comes to your professional life. They will guide you spiritually and give you solutions to make your career path as smooth as possible.

Apart from these, astrologers in India also provide expert services in Tantric healing, Tarot card reading, Feng Shui, and so much more. Famous astrologers like Parashar Astrological and Yagya Centre, Ysha Astrologer, Raghuveer B Sahore, Astrologer Anil Aggarwala and famous astrologers that couples have opted for. You can always look for astrologers near me/you in your city or near your wedding venue.

How to find the best astrologers in your city using WeddingWire India?

Several filters are available on the WeddingWire India app and website that can assist you and guide you while you are looking for the best astrologers Surat has to offer. Here is a walkthrough of the filters available on the app and website for your convenience:

The Location filter is the first one. If you are searching for “the top astrologers in Surat near you,” you might as well use the location filter and pick the area that is suitable or convenient for you. Be it astrologers in Adajan Gam or astrologers in Katargam - choose a location as per your preference and find a list of astrologers in Surat residing in these areas.

The next is the Types of Services filter. Depending on what kind of services you are looking for from the astrologers in Surat, you can pick the appropriate ones from the list. You have various options like Vedic astrology, color therapy, numerology, palmistry, Kundli Milan, and so on that the marriage astrologers in Surat can supervise you. Once you have picked the services, only those astrologers in Surat who provide the selected services will be displayed on your screen.

Then comes the price per session filter. Make sure to pick a price that suits your wedding budget without any hassle. Each astrologer has a separate list of prices per session depending on the duration of the session, the experience of the particular astrologer in Surat, the number of services you request, and so on. However, the prices per session generally start at under INR 2000 and can go up to INR 4999. You will find an astrologer in Surat within your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Astrologers

What services do astrologers provide?

Astrologers are able to offer a wide variety of services, which include, but are not limited to: Vedic Astrology, Kundli Milan, Palmistry, Numerology, Vasti Shastra, Colour Therapy, Tantra, Tarot Card, Feng Shui, and even career advice. You can find each astrologer's services in their FAQs section in

Do astrologers provide telephonic consultation?

Yes! Many astrologers offer telephonic consultation or might be able to arrange a consultation by phone. You can ask the astrologer for details.

Are there any free astrology services in India?

Most astrologers ask for a session fee beforehand or after they provide you with services. However, sometimes various services come complimentary and you can check with the astrologer for the same.

Will the price per session for online consultation be different?

The prices of the services tend to be subject to change based on the type of services, duration, qualification, etc. However, online consultation might come with a separate price per session for clients who prefer online services.

Will the astrologers provide any career advice?

Yes, various astrologers can provide you with expert advice on your career, the right time to switch jobs, etc.

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