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Makeup Salon - Find the Best

There is no doubt that the brides hold the center stage throughout the wedding ceremonies. From her designer bridal lehenga to her breathtaking bridal makeup and even her perfect hairstyle - the bride always has a train of eyes following her everywhere during the wedding ceremonies. Even for a small event during the day, the bride makes sure to look perfect to the T. So, right from the way the bridal saree is draped on the kind of hair buns the bride picks - it has to be exemplary. There are a hundred different things on your wedding checklist that needs to be taken care of before or during the wedding - like coordinating with the wedding planners, negotiating with the wedding decorators, finalizing the wedding caterer, and so on. To make sure your bridal look is flawless during the ceremonies, you must consider hiring the expert services of some of the best makeup salons. In fact, with the best quality cameras and pictures that the wedding photographers capture these days and considering that the wedding album is treasured forever - you might want to add that extra bit of oomph to your bridal look with the help of the makeup salons near you. 

Unlike bridal makeup artists, who mostly tend to be dealt with as a single entity who might offer doorstep services to the clients, the makeup salons might require you to visit the salon yourself. Apart from the bridal makeup and party makeup and other such services, makeup salons are known to be the Mecca for brides-to-be owing to the excellent pre-wedding glow-up services that they provide you with. Right from pampering you to making you look stunning on your pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding ceremonies - makeup salons are a one-stop-shop for the ultimate bridal look that will turn heads. 

Be it the light day makeup look for your Haldi ceremony, the quirky makeup to match your Mehndi ceremony outfit, or the breathtaking traditional bridal makeup - you name it, the makeup salons have it. In fact, keeping up to date with the latest techniques like Airbrush makeup and HD makeup, these makeup salons are capable of providing you with the best makeover for one of the biggest celebrations of your life. You will be thrilled to know that the makeup salons enlisted on the WeddingWire India also provide you with excellent additional services like helping you drape the bridal outfits, providing you with stellar nail extensions, bridal hairstyling with hair extensions, adding lenses, and so on that will enhance your overall look.

Once you have downloaded the WeddingWire India app for android or the app for iOs, you will find your way quickly to the makeup salons. Do not get confused by the multitude of options available because the WeddingWire India app provides you with. The app has unique filters that will help you navigate through the relevant options and find a makeup salon that not only fits your wedding budget.

How to use the filters on the WeddingWire India app to find the best makeup salon?

  • To begin with, the location filter helps you to find a makeup salon near you. So instead of going online and typing “makeup salons near me” and being overwhelmed by the millions of options, you can directly pick a region as per your convenience and preference and find the best-suited makeup salon to prep for the big day. You might want to take a look at the makeup salons near the wedding venue, too, in case you are planning a destination wedding or the wedding is taking place in another city. 
  • Meanwhile, not every makeup salon in your vicinity can provide you with the exact services that you are expecting. This is why the services filter is a blessing. You can pick the type of services you will require from the makeup salon near you for the big day. Be it hair styling, garment draping, hair styling, bridal makeup, party makeup, or more - you can pick one or more types of services you are looking for from the makeup salon to find appropriate options to choose from.
  • On the other hand, the prices are generally negotiable and can be turned into tailor-made packages as well. However, the bridal makeup packages start at around INR 5,000 and often go up to INR 40,000 or more depending on the makeup products and quality. Other factors affecting the price of makeup services provided by the bridal makeup salons are their experience, the Saya dates and the rush in the salon, their location, and certification if any, the number of people availing of the services, and the number of services you are helping for and so on. There is also a general price list for party makeup services that start at around INR 2,500 and can go up to INR 30,000 and more.

All that said, their storefronts have updated galleries that showcase their latest or best works. You can take a look at these portfolios, and while at it, you can also go through the client reviews to better understand what to expect from the particular makeup salon. You can even click on the request pricing tab to send an inquiry to the specific vendor on board and get first-hand knowledge of how it works. WeddingWire India will assist you in every step of your wedding planning process to ensure that you make an informed decision. 

Things To Do Before Finalising A Makeup Salon

While the makeup and touch-up will be mandatory for the ceremonies, you must start taking care of your health and skin at least a year ahead of the wedding dates. You can begin to visiting a salon near you to enjoy some pre-bridal pampering like facials, massages, spas, manicures, pedicures, and so on. Skincare is a routine, and to achieve glowing skin that radiates the bridal glow topped with some nice makeup, you will need to start the beauty routine well in time. Get enough sleep to avoid eye bags, drink enough water to prevent breakouts on the skin, moisturize it well to keep the skin naturally healthy, or even get in touch with experts for a proper schedule if you are looking for one. 

At least six months before the wedding date, you must shortlist a few makeup salons and then get appointments for trials. While some makeup salons might charge you for the trial sessions, others do it for free. The payment for the trial sessions is often adjusted with the advance payment for the services once you finalize them. You must have the outfits, themes, and hour of celebration ready and set in your head or have images of them with you to help the makeup professionals understand and suggest what kind of makeup would look best for you. You can also share reference images from Instagram or Pinterest and ask the makeup salon pros to recreate them for you. However, there are chances that the makeup salon team will suggest you some other products as per your skin requirements, owing to their expertise in the field. They will accentuate your features and provide you with makeup that will turn heads. You should be open to suggestions and necessary changes during the trials to make an informed decision. 

Airbrush vs. HD vs. Traditional: What Bridal Makeup Should You Pick

The makeup professionals at the salon will help you figure out what kind of makeup would be best for you based on your skin type are We have listed some fundamental differences between the three main types of makeup techniques that are trending now.  

  • HD Makeup: With HD cameras changing the game, even the smallest freckle mole or blemish on the bride’s face can be visible now; that’s why newer technology calls for innovation in makeup techniques as well. Many brides have wanted to look perfect to the T for their wedding teasers and albums, and fair enough because these happen to last for a lifetime and more. HD makeup goes hand in hand with high-quality photographs for millennial brides. The HD quality foundations and other makeup products accentuate your glow and make your skin and makeup look flawless for the camera and naked eye. 
  • Airbrush Makeup: Airbrush makeup requires a lot of precision and the best of professionals behind the scenes. The traditional use of makeup brushes is often harsh on the skin that is quite sensitive or on oily skin, where the application often turns out uneven on the surface. The airbrush technique of makeup involves an airgun that slowly and lightly sprays the product evenly on the skin, making it look flawless. Airbrush makeup is more lightweight as it often requires the products to be diluted to complete the application process quicker and easier, thus leaving your skin healthy and breathable.
  • Traditional Makeup: Traditional makeup is done using brushes, sponges, beauty blenders, and spoolies. Every makeup artist applies regular makeup every day. The artist has more control over the brushes and sponges and often prefers it to airbrush makeup. There are a lot more makeup choices for the brides. You can go for matte, creamy, or liquid. The base is less runny when it comes to consistency, and the secret lies in the amount of product used and the strokes of the brush. Often, if you use too much product, the result is cakey, and the base can break easily, which is a minus point for regular makeup, but it is more pocket-friendly than the other two mentioned above. Also! You can touch up at any time after the makeup is done - which is not possible in the other 2.

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