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Catering Services- Best Caterers for Weddings and Parties Near Me


If you ask yourself what is that one thing that makes or breaks a wedding for one and all? The most common answer to that question is food. It is rightly said that catering food is the essence of Indian weddings. Whether you are serving a grand feast or you are offering a scrumptious yet simple meal - good wedding food is something that stays on the top of your wedding planning list of priorities or the wedding checklist. Most Indian weddings have witnessed their guests talk about the food for weeks and sometimes even months. In fact, there are studies that say people often remember a celebration or an event by the food that was served. This only shows how significant food is at a wedding. And wedding caterers know this! Yes, the wedding caterers are well aware that food plays a pivotal role and these professionals come together to present finger-licking dishes at weddings to make it a memorable affair. 


If you want your guests to enjoy lip-smacking dishes at your wedding ceremonies, you will have to hire the best caterers who can make this wish come true. To ensure that premium quality food is being served to your guests, WeddingWire India enlists some of the top wedding caterers from every city for you to pick from. While finalising the best wedding catering services for the wedding and other ceremonies can be a tricky task at hand, there are so many filters on the WeddingWire India app and website that will help you navigate through the array of options to find that ONE caterer who fulfils your requirements best. From being trustworthy and reliable to serving delicious food to your guests, these wedding caterers on board are absolute gems. 


How to ensure that your guests will enjoy a perfect culinary experience?

Food is something that is not just limited to taste. Especially in Indian weddings, one must always remember that food is something that brings your loved ones together. Therefore along with tasty food, you will also need high-quality services and the best hospitality to make your guests feel welcome for the big day. Here are some points you must consider before hiring a caterer: 



  • Packages: The prices or the packages that these catering companies provide you with is of utmost importance. You must try to follow a wedding budget or an estimated amount before you start looking for the best caterers for your wedding. Right from appetizers to entrees you must discuss the per plate costs as well as personalisation options if any. 
  • Availability: It is very important to find out if the caterers are available on the dates and times you need them. While considering their availability you must also check if they are within the same city as your wedding venue or they need to travel to your destination. In case they need to travel, you will need to schedule the transportation and discuss the dates and how you want to go about it clearly before booking them. Location is of utmost importance. 
  • Speciality: Each city has a special cuisine to offer. In fact, each culture has a special cuisine for weddings too. Apart from these, the caterers might also excel in making a certain type of dish. You must discuss this special menu with the caterers. There might be cases where you have a menu in mind already, for example - Chinese, Thai, Italian and so on. You can check with the caterers if they are capable of serving these cuisines at your wedding or not.  
  • Types of Cuisines: There is always the question of veg or non-veg. But with so many cuisines available you might also want to know if they serve certain cuisines or have the option to. Special cultural cuisines like the Jain menu and so on are also served by the catering companies. You can also discuss a separate menu for kids at the wedding or for people who might be allergic to an ingredient. 
  • License: Catering is a very fragile business and food has to be healthy and the people serving it needs to be capable of cooking and serving the dishes at your festivities. This means that the caterer has met local health department standards and carries liability insurance. You should also check on the liquor license if you are going to serve alcohol.
  • Staff: Most food catering services come with serving staff. However, you must check with the caterers if they will provide you with a team at the venue for serving. The serving staff team can have multiple people - some serving appetizers, some serving mocktails, some for the main course and so on. You can even ask if they have a uniform or not if you are into dress codes or your wedding theme demands one. 
  • Bar: Caterers often set up the bar at the venue for you. But for this, they need the alcohol/bar license and you will need to be careful while reading the policies in case you want to hire their services for the bar. Some catering companies also ask for just the corkage fee if you are able to source alcohol from external resources to the venue. 
  • Extra charges: The package once decided, may incur extra charges as per the services you avail of apart from the decided ones in the package. You will have to be crystal clear right from the start in case of any extra charges that they might add to the bill later. This will help you avoid any budget spillovers. 



How to find the best catering near me within budget?

  • You can start by picking the region that suits you best. The location filter allows you to pick the different locations or localities near you or where you would want the wedding to be. Once you pick the region filter, only those caterers will be displayed on your screen who belong to that area or operate from there. While most caterers are open to travel outstation, you can still find the caterers near you with this filter or in any location within the country as per your liking. 
  • Once you have sorted the options based on their location, you can use the price per plate filter to shortlist the ones that fall within your wedding budget. Whatever amount you have allotted to catering for your wedding, keeping that in mind, pick a price per plate nearest to or within that range. You can pick the price ranges in both veg and non-veg menus for catering or either one as per your preference. The price per plate costs can also vary depending on your guest list as the pear head costs may differ in case of any changes.
  • India is a land of gastronomical beauties. With so many cuisines and dishes available from all corners of the country and international dishes as well, you might have a cuisine in mind. Pick the cuisine you would want under the Menu filter. You can pick more than one type of cuisine from the Menu filter as per your choice. You can make your choices from a variety of options like North Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Italian, European, garlic free or onion free, street food, seafood, drinks and so on.


The caterers listed with WeddingWire India come with years of experience in the culinary business and they each have the capacity to turn your wedding celebrations into a spectacular gastronomical ride. If you need any one-of-a-kind cuisine to be served for any of your pre or post-wedding ceremonies, you can send in queries to see if any of the wedding caterers on board have the capacity to fulfil your requirements. Delicious food items will definitely fill the banquet hall with their aroma and your wedding food is sure to be the talk of the town! From sit and eat dinners to buffets and even brunches - the caterers have each come with their concept of wedding catering with a twist apart from the traditional catering services. Some of these experts even offer DIY snack bars to keep your guests entertained and full, some of them have brought in the concept of food trucks at weddings and some have even taken the concept of “car-o-bar” a notch higher with the fancy vehicle set up as alcohol stations. The recent catering trends are going to blow your minds and these caterers are each skilled to offer you the best.


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Frequently Asked Questions in Caterers

How much do wedding catering services cost?

The catering rates in India depend completely on the type of food menu that you choose. Non-vegetarian catering services might cost you more than vegetarian ones. The catering services price range starts from under ₹500 per head and can go up to ₹7,000 per head or more per event.

Do catering services provide outdoor catering?

Yes, almost all prominent caterers provide outdoor as well as indoor catering services. It will depend on your menu and total budget.

Can we hire vegetarian-only catering services?

Absolutely. There are multiple vegetarian-only caterers available in your city. Apply the food preference filter on the WeddingWire India app or website to find suitable catering vendors in your city.

What are the menu varieties offered by Catering services in India?

The menu variety will depend on your wedding location, food or cultural preference and budget. Prestigious caterers in India can offer customised menus with traditional Rajasthani, Punjabi, South Indian, Bengali or Thali cuisine. You can also order generic vegetarian or non vegetarian food for inter-cultural weddings.

Do caterers offer extra food?

Whether or not a caterer can offer extra food depends on your wedding guest list size. You should always order for extra head count if you are expecting more people or relatives at the wedding.

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