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Wedding Choreographers

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Wedding Choreography - Find the Best

Be it a guest at the wedding or the bride and groom themselves - dance is that one thing that the whole wedding party is excited about. Indian weddings are always fun and exciting with the help of playlists and the bunch of excited guests and family members who look forward to the Sangeet ceremony and Mehndi ceremony to dance it off. While there are wedding DJs who are held responsible for the wedding music or the wedding musicians, dance needs to be taught by choreographers. All the extravaganza that music and dance bring to weddings is absolutely impeccable. In fact, dancing has become an integral part of almost every type of Indian wedding in almost every culture. 

Dances performed at weddings not only showcase the talent and happiness at the celebrations but also often narrate a beautiful story. It is a holistic way of bringing people together to let go and have fun! Now the fun element aside, people are also very particular about their dance performances and often quite competitive too - between the ladkewalas and ladkiwalas. To onboard a professional wedding choreographer is honestly the best way to go about it. You need not worry about the dances and what to do on stage - a professional wedding choreographer just makes it all super convenient and happening too.

While many people plan to figure out the whole Sangeet and Mehndi dance sequences by themselves, it is often quite hectic. Especially with the millennial generation, where everyone is busy and the bride and groom along with their families are caught up in planning the ceremonies with the wedding planner - sparing time for practising dance performances could be a difficult job for one to accomplish. It requires coordinating times, schedules, steps and bringing people together at one time to practise in full swing. This is why we have numerous top wedding choreographers in our country enlisted on WeddingWire India to help you get your wedding dance right. While many have a misconception that choreographers charge a lot of unnecessary money, on the WeddingWire India app you can actually apply a variety of filters to find one of the bests within the wedding budget.  

Apart from helping you plan a creative and happening Sangeet and/or Mehndi ceremony - these wedding choreographers offer a wide range of services that will make your wedding planning process easier. To begin with, we have listed an array of services that wedding choreographers offer in general:

  • Studio: Many times wedding choreographers have a studio to offer dance lessons for a given period of time leading up to the pre-wedding ceremonies where you have to perform. The studio is perfect for those who have the time to spare to visit the professionals and learn in a given location. Studios also have various equipment like wall mirrors, sound systems, proper lighting and hardwood floors to help you get each step perfect.
  • Client Site: There are choreographers who are ready to visit the client site and teach the dance routine at the venue itself. This is suitable for people who are planning a destination wedding and the whole family is together at one place or for the ones who have enough space for all to gather at the house for practice. 
  • Online sessions: With changing times, online sessions have gained much popularity among couples and their families and these online sessions have been of great help in teaching a larger group of people right in the comfort of their respective homes. 
  • Flexibility: There are quite many choreographers who are ready to provide you with dance lessons at a place that is convenient for you - be it the studio or the house or the venue. You get the comfort of choosing one at your convenience.
  • Recorded sessions: With the busy lives and the fact that most of the people who dance at weddings are not always professional dancers who can pick dance steps with ease, there are recorded sessions. These recorded sessions have been a blessing to many who get to participate in the sangeet performances by learning from these recorded dance tutorials at comfortable hours as per their personal schedule.

Why should I hire a wedding choreographer ahead of the wedding date?

The ideal timeline for hiring a wedding choreographer is at least 2-3 months before the actual ceremony dates. You must be wondering why and we have listed a handful of reasons for your clearer understanding.

  • Practice: Considering that not every one of your guests and family members is born a dancer, it will require ample practice sessions to get it right. It might even require you to learn some basic steps before the wedding choreographer teaches you the original dance. 
  • Costumes: You might have a theme in mind while planning your sangeet and mehndi ceremonies and you would also want your wedding party to look a certain way - pick a certain colour combination or wear similar outfits, while they dance on the stage at your wedding. In fact, many a time even the bride and groom want to coordinate outfits for the sangeet and this is why picking a choreographer helps because the dance practice gives you an idea of what kind of outfits you would want to wear.
  • Playlists: Very often we find a multitude of songs that the people dance on at weddings. These songs do not always come in the required sequence and sometimes it takes weeks of mixing and mastering the right flow of the songs for one dance. Time is the key and hiring a choreographer with enough time in hand is a must to make sure there is no last-minute rush or confusion.
  • Coordination: By now we all have attended enough weddings to realise that it is super difficult to get everyone at one place at one time. Coordinating the place and timing with everyone who is involved in this is a task and might cause chaos in the end. So you need to keep enough buffer time in between for the ones that go MIA on certain days.

How to hire the top wedding choreographers within budget?

The filters available on the WeddingWire India app and website are going to be your guiding light in navigating through the relevant options of wedding choreographers on board and then finding the perfect one to hire. 

The location filter answers your queries about finding a wedding choreographer near you. Instead of going on the internet and typing “wedding choreographers near me” and having to scroll through millions of irrelevant links and options, you can directly pick a region and start checking. There is also a price filter that helps you pick a price that is suitable for you or is as per your wedding budget. Couple dance choreography starts at around INR 2,000 and can go up to INR 15,000 and more. This is however not inclusive of guest choreography or bridesmaids dance tutoring and so on. You can send a query and get in touch with the shortlisted choreographers for tailor made packages and clarity. 

Apart from the filters, we have some factors that you must consider before finalising the package with the wedding choreographer of your choice:

  • Your location - Try to find a choreographer near you to avoid the transportation and accommodation expenses. However, there are some choreographers who include their stay and travel costs in the package itself.
  • The practice tenure - The number of days that you require the wedding choreographer to provide their services also affects the package that you settle for. It can take somewhere between a month to a week depending on the dance performances. They usually teach you to dance for 6-8 hours daily if the tenure is shorter - of course, you have lunch breaks in between.
  • The number of people - The packages quoted by the wedding choreographer also depend on the number of people they need to train/tutor for the dance. Rehearsals tend to take a longer time when a lot of people are involved, in general.
  • The number of performances - The more the number of performances involved, the more the amount of time and hard work comes into play. That is why the number of performances affects the prices asked by the choreographer.
  • Experience - It is a given deal that an experienced wedding choreographer will provide impeccable services along with impressive professionalism and skills too. Therefore with more experience, a celebrity wedding choreographer will be more expensive than one with lesser experience.
  • Genre - Bollywood, contemporary, hip-hop, Punjabi, classical, old Hindi songs, ball dance, flash mobs, romantic couple dances - you name it and they have it. You can think of any genre and based on the type of genres you pick - one or more, the packages might differ.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Choreographers

What dance forms can a choreographer offer?

When you start looking for wedding choreographers, you'll discover that there are a multitude of dance genres you can choose from. You'll find choreographers who can offer Bollywood, Punjabi, classical, old hindi songs, ballroom dance, flash mobs, contemporary, hip-hop and many other dance styles.

Where do choreographers offer their lessons?

Choreographers typically offer dance lessons in their own studio, while some may be flexible and travel to the place chosen by the couple. You can also find online sessions and recorded sessions if you are unable to travel.

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