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Wedding Invitations and Cards

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Wedding Invitation

Weddings in India are often celebrations that go on for more than a day or two. While you are putting in your heart and soul into the meticulous details to plan a perfect wedding celebration, you need to remember that the wedding invitations play an important role too. Right from the start, wedding invitations have the potential to impress your guests, and in fact, wedding invitations are a trailer of what to expect at your wedding. The type of wedding invitation cards you pick for your wedding defines the theme and type of wedding ceremonies you are hosting and explains how or what you and your partner are as a couple. However, picking a wedding invitation card is not as easy as it might sound. There are many wedding cards available out there apart from the conventional paper invites wrapped in traditional envelopes. From separate save the date formats to boxed wedding invitations that include wedding favours too - you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your wedding invitation.


But what do you usually do when you are looking for something? You go to the search engines on your smart devices and then type something like “best wedding invitation cards near me.” Now Google, Safari, and other such search engines will display endless links and options on your screen immediately, including many irrelevant ones. It will be a lot of work to go through each and filter out the relevant options, and then pick the best out of the lot. This is why WeddingWire India is here to assist you in choosing the best wedding invitation card vendor in your city or wherever you are looking for. You need not fret at all because the WeddingWire India app provides you with everything you need related to wedding invitation cards - right from the latest trends to their prices, designs, ways of customization, and more. 


There are three main types of wedding invitation cards available e for you to pick from:


  • Boxed wedding invitations - Boxed wedding invitations are a much-loved trend set by the millennials where the couples and their families send wedding invitations in a box. Now you must be wondering what is there in a boxed invitation? Apart from the usual invitation with all the date and wedding venue details, this box of invitations contains wedding favours like dry fruits, chocolates, plants, and often other such items as a sign of gratitude towards the guests. This is suitable mainly for shorter guest lists. 
  • Paper invites - Paper invites or paper wedding invitation cards are the most conventional invites sent out by couples and their families to the wedding guests. Now, these paper wedding invitation cards can either be traditional or modern ones. Modern ones can be according to a theme and have images of the couples or caricatures of them too instead of the deities seen on a traditional wedding card. 
  • E-invitations - This is the newest form of invitation that has come into the limelight quite recently. Without sending out any physical invites - e-invitations are shared over smart devices like mobile phones, laptops, tabs, and computers. They can be sent via emails, WhatsApp messages, phone text messages, and other forms as well. It is quite convenient, and the electronic invites can be personalized quite comfortably as per your taste and preferences.



Things to consider before picking a wedding invitation card design for your wedding:

  • Believe it or not, the theme of the wedding influences the type of wedding invitation cards you choose. If your wedding is a traditional one, then a card with the images of deities on top and conventional templates and colours is the right choice. However, if you plan to host a modern wedding - you might want to experiment with your wedding cards. So first of all, decide what the theme of your wedding is. For instance, a beach wedding invitation card design might look better with a few shells stuck on the card or images of the beach and sea on it with the dress code and theme mentioned. 
  • Wedding preps are full of opinions, suggestions, options, and confusion. To avoid all that and start on the right note, you and your partner need to decide whether you want to pick a traditional wedding card design or opt for the modern & personalized wedding invitations - including boxed invites, e-invites, etc.
  • The next step is to decide what kind of font you want to use in your wedding card designs. While it might sound tedious right now, the font used in the wedding card designs makes a lasting impression on your guests and speaks volumes about how you are as a couple. 
  • Then you need to pick what will be written on the wedding card design. Depending on the template that you choose, the size and shape of the wedding invitations will be affected.
  • Pick the wedding card design and the colour of wedding invitations that you would want to send to your guests. And if you are going for the wedding card designs that are in the form of boxed invites, you will need to pick the type of favours you would like to send along with the wedding card designs - edible or non-edible.


How to find the best wedding invitation vendors using the WeddingWire India app?

Once you have a picture of the type of wedding invitation you want for your big day - it can either be a reference image from the internet or one that you have come up with using your creative juices, you can use the numerous filters on the WeddingWire India app to find the top wedding invitation vendors at a location of your choice and finalize the best one.

  • The first filter is the type of paper or material you need if you send out physical invites in the form of paper wedding invitation card designs. From handmade paper to glossy ones and even recycled paper, you have plenty of options to pick from that are trendy and as per your consciousness when it comes to wedding invitation card designs. Many traditional Hindu wedding card designs use glossy paper with hardcovers instead of envelopes too and the prices of these fancy materials might vary.
  • Then comes the Price per Card filter. You can pick one or more prices under this filter to find a wedding card design as per your budget. You can simply multiply the price of each wedding invitation card design with the total number of guests you have on your guest list to figure out the total expenses. The prices of these wedding card designs start at around INR 30 and can go up to INR 200 and more.
  • The next is the types of wedding card designs. You can pick the type of wedding invitation card designs based on your wedding theme, wedding budget, taste, and religious preferences too. There are certain wedding card designs that are specifically picked by couples like the Hindu wedding card designs, Christian wedding card designs, Muslim wedding invitation card designs and so on. You can make your pick and shortlist the relevant options from boxed wedding invitations to paper cards and other novel concepts that have become a trend. 
  • There is also a price per boxed invite filter that starts at around INR 50 and can go up to INR 800 and more. You can even send enquiries to the respective vendors by clicking on the request pricing tab to discuss personalized packages and tailor-made deals. 

Keep an eye on the reviews for added advantages because the reviews always guide you and assist you in picking the right kind of wedding invitation vendor for your ceremonies.


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Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Invitations

How to find wedding invitation cards within budget?

You'll find plenty of local wedding invitation vendors and designers who can provide invitations at affordable rates. Pick the price bracket as per your budget and shortlist the ones that you love most on the WeddingWire India website or app.

When should we order the invitations?

You should aim to order the wedding invites well in advance, at least five months before the wedding. If you have guests who will be travelling from abroad they'll need time to plan accordingly, so make sure to give them enough time to reserve your date and make travel plans if necessary.

When do we start sending the wedding invitations out?

You can start mailing your wedding invitation cards at least three months before the wedding, and for guests travelling from abroad, you'll want to consider the delivery time and send it at least six months ahead to help them plan better.

Can we see sample wedding invitation cards?

Yes, most wedding invitation suppliers can offer sample cards for reference or at least their digital image so that you can get an idea of how they'll be.

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