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Pandit Near Me

The wedding ceremony is one of the most important celebrations in the life of a couple as well as for their families. Weddings are sure fun and exciting but the essence of weddings lie in the pious traditions and age-old rituals that take place during the wedding. Pandits are the trailblazers of these traditions and they help you walk through the various practices and customs that need to be performed to make your wedding a flawless celebration. With their astute knowledge of the culture and their proficiency in conducting these rituals - Pandits will make your wedding celebrations spiritual and righteous. To set out on your journey of forever on the right foot, you will need to hire the best pandit for your wedding ceremonies - as well as pre-wedding and post-wedding ones.


India is a country that is proud of its rich heritage and cultural roots so there are thousands of Pundits within the country who might be capable of offering commendable services at your wedding. To pick a pundit ji who not only ticks all the boxes but also offers these services at an affordable price can be a little difficult given the options are endless. This is when the WeddingWire India app comes into play. Download the app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhones) and scroll through the multitude of options available on the WeddingWire India platform. In fact, the filters available on the app will help you pick the best marriage pandit and make your experience smooth and easy. Picking the marriage pandit for your wedding is of utmost priority on the wedding checklist and needs to be done even before you pick the wedding venue or wedding planner to chalk out your perfect wedding. 

How to choose the right pandit for your wedding?


Indian weddings are celebrated grandly, filled with vibrant colours and festivities. Each ceremony has different customs and traditions where pandits play an essential role. It's imperative to choose the right pandit for your wedding ceremonies as they can officiate your festivities. Some of the points to consider while selecting a suitable pandit for your wedding are:


Availability - Booking a decent priest for your wedding during the peak wedding season, gets challenging. It's essential to check the availability for your choice of pandit and book them well in advance, so there is no confusion later on. 


Experience - It's essential to check your choice of pandit with the knowledge they have so they can offer you nothing but the best services for your ceremonies. Performing a traditional puja is a serious task that requires years of experience and expertise. 


Budget - You should always discuss the price and payment methods with a pandit before booking them for their services. This avoids any confusion later on the day of your ceremonies. 


Expertise - Every pandit holds in-depth knowledge and expertise for different customs and rituals. But some ceremonies vary from one community to another. Therefore, it's crucial to book a pandit who is not only familiar with your religious traditions but can also perform them perfectly. 


Clarity - An essential part of Indian weddings is multiple pujas and yagnas that need to be performed with shlokas in Sanskrit from ancient scriptures. It's critical to choose a pandit with a clear speech so you can understand what they say, as the couple also has to repeat those mantras after the pandit. 


Materials - Every puja involves several ingredients required by the pandit to complete the ritual. These may include ghee, wood for the fire, coconuts etc. You should always discuss if the pandit you book will be carrying these materials or you have to procure them yourself. 


Travel - Whether you are planning your wedding ceremony within the city or not, it's essential to discuss the travel and accommodation arrangements with your choice of pandit in the city. Suppose they will be comfortable travelling to your choice of venue or not. You can add the additional costs to the overall price or cover the expenses. 


Find your wedding pandit with WeddingWire India.


The marriage pandits in India offer an array of impressive services that include Kundali matching, Yagya/Hawan, Grihapravesh for home or office, wedding festivities and even perform rites for a variety of other festivals. To help you find an appropriate pandit ji in your vicinity or near your wedding venue, you can follow the given steps:


  • Pick the location of your liking where you want the wedding pandit ji to hail from. Most couples in the past have picked a wedding pundit near the wedding venue or one who lives in the vicinity of their residence and is ready to travel to the wedding location. You can pick a state and narrow it down to your location or directly search for pandits in your desired region. 
  • Once you have sorted the available options using the Location filter, you can pick the price that is suitable for you as per your wedding budget. From under INR 2000 to INR 20,000 and more - the options available on WeddingWire India will leave you spoilt for choice.
  • The third step is to pick a language that you want your wedding pandit in India to converse in. You can choose from a variety of options that include Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marwari and so on. Wedding pandits who read the mantras in a certain language often translate it for everyone’s better understanding. 
  • You can not only pick pandits who follow Hinduism but also priests for Christian marriage, maulvis for a Muslim wedding, Granthi for a Sikh wedding ceremony, a priest for a Jain marriage, Parsi marriage and so on. Pick the religion that you want your pandit to perform rites for at your wedding.

    Once you have picked the filters as per your convenience and requirements, you will see a list of wedding pandits displayed on your screen that meets your expectations and is within your planned budget. You can shortlist the ones that you like most and make appointments to negotiate the prices and packages directly. 


    While speaking to the Pandits directly, you can ask several questions like:


  • Do you travel outstation?
  • Do you perform pre-wedding ceremonies?
  • Can you speak a certain language?
  • Will you be translating the Sanskrit mantras into our language?
  • Do you need any help with transportation?
  • Will you require us to manage your stay during the wedding?

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    Frequently Asked Questions in Pandits

    How to find pandits near me?

    Use the location or region filter available on the WeddingWire India app or website to find pandits near you or any location as per your preferences.

    Will pandit ji travel to my destination wedding?

    Most pandit jis in India are ready and available to travel outstation however, you must ask the particular pandit ji you have in mind to confirm this and be sure to have them let you know if there are any travel fees or extras.

    Do wedding pandits take advance payment?

    A pandit's policies might require you to make an advance payment of a portion of the total sum in order to reserve them for your wedding. If the pundit ji asks for full payment in advance, you can negotiate at your convenience.

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