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Your Free Wedding Checklist

Your Free Wedding Checklist

Keep your to-do list under control with WeddingWire's free Checklist.

Your Free Wedding Checklist

Keep all your tasks in check with WeddingWire

Let WeddingWire help you create a custom Checklist for every stage of your wedding planning.

Stay on top of all your wedding tasks

Your Checklist will keep all your tasks organised and easy to manage. No wedding planning stress; you're in control.

It's time to start planning your wedding

All you need to do is complete your tasks and enjoy planning your wedding.


Plan Your Wedding On the Go with the WeddingWire App

Take the app with you as you visit venues, taste menus, and keep every task organised like a profesional wedding planner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Checklist tool? We've got you.