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Wedding Venues Bhopal

60 results

  • Emerald Green Marriage Garden

  • Hotel Drishti Inn

  • Jain's Shahi Bagh Imperial

  • Jehan Numa Retreat

  • Hotel Tilak

  • Hotel Sunpark

  • Beacon Hotels, Bhopal

  • Citrus Classic Bhopal

  • SSV Gaur Marriage Hall & Garden

  • Swagat Palace Marriage Garden

  • People's World

  • Hotel Surendra Vilas, Bhopal

  • Swistar Guesthouse

  • The Royal Park Resort, Bhopal

  • Palak Palace

  • Mayuri's Greenwood Garden, Bhopal

  • Veer Villa

  • Kwality' Motel Shiraz

  • Gauri Greens

  • Aditya Shree Garden

  • Hotel Kailash Presidency

  • Royal Palace Marriage Garden, Bhopal

  • The Kasbah

  • Mahamaya Marriage Garden

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Jain's Shahi Bagh Imperial

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Hotel Sunpark

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Neelima Palace Marriage Garden

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Find the Best Wedding Venues in Bhopal

City of Lakes—Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, derives its name from the King of Bhoj of the Paramara dynasty, who was the ruler and founder of the region, also patron of the dam or ‘pal’ built during his reign. But, the city was built to its current aesthetic by an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed, in the early 1700s, and his descendants continued the city’s beautification.


 A city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, is home to India’s most stunning lakes and some of the greenest of places in the country. Known for many naturally occurring and artificially built lakes like Lower Lake, Motia Talab, Kerwa Dam Lake, Shahpura Lake, Sharangpani Lake, it makes for a great place of rejuvenation and soulful retreat. The two most essential and fascinating lakes that are a favorite amongst the tourists visiting Bhopal are the Upper lake and the Lower Lake. Banks of the Upper Lake have Van Vihar National Park that shelters big cats like lions, tigers, and leopards, while the waters of the Upper Lake are believed to be carrying medicinal properties. With its lakes, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh enjoys a scenic view of the waters, usually teeming with migratory and local birds; people can often be seen to enjoy a good time paddling and rowing boats. In Bhopal, you find yourself building a connection with nature while also experiencing its social atmosphere rooted in culture and tradition blended perfectly with a modern milieu. Its waterscapes aren’t the only thing of beauty; Bhopal also boasts age-old forts and palaces, caves that have withstood the tests of time, temples and mosques that are symbolic of fraternity and secularity. 


Bhopal is a great city to host weddings with a fresh green environment, gorgeous waterscapes, and modern amenities. Bhopal has a vast range of top wedding venues in the prime locations of the city that are ideal for hosting all wedding functions, starting from pre-wedding ceremonies to all the after-parties. Bhopal’s top wedding venues are fully equipped, lavishly built with a great modern aesthetic to comfortably accommodate at least 1000 guests. You can also request customized services from most of the wedding venues in Bhopal, and you’ll rarely get no for an answer. 


Hop on the planning train to reach your desired wedding destination in Bhopal as you make your wedding a truly memorable celebration at the best wedding venues in the capital city of MP.


Questions You Should Ask Wedding Venues in Bhopal before you book


Costs involved: Ask questions around the pricing of the venue to plan better financially for your wedding. You can start by asking about the rental charges of the venue with and without in-house catering services in Bhopal; you can also ask them about the price they charge for in-house decorators in Bhopal. You can ask some other fundamental questions about the reservation deposit, services included in the total payment, accepted mode of payment, etc. It’s also wise to ask about policies regarding payment, cancellation charges, and such.


Managing D-day venue: Always start by asking for the point of contact or the venue coordinator who can answer the venue management and help you plan your wedding according to the venue policies. You can also ask about the in-house staff and schedule a visiting appointment to verify the venue’s management.


License and regulations: Discuss the planning, licensing, and regulatory logistics with your venue vendor and your planner for them to be able to coordinate better. Questions that you can ask your venue manager can be around the accommodation policies, available parking space, provision for additional electricity backups or generators, etc. It’s also a good idea to inquire about licensing of in-house caterers, permits for playing music until late at night or bursting crackers, etc. 


Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Venues in Bhopal

Which are the top Venues in Bhopal?

What types of wedding venues are available in Bhopal?

From marriage palaces to five-star hotels, the best motels, and lavish resorts, to expansive, sprawling lush green marriage gardens, to the best banquet halls, to a range of beautiful wedding lawns and farmhouses, among many other wedding venues, the WeddingWire India assists you with professional wedding vendors enlisted that will help you manifest your dream wedding.

What types of wedding venues are available in Bhopal?

We’ve established that weddings in Bhopal are a grand affair. From majestic palaces to five-star hotels, the best motels, and lavish resorts, to wide sprawling lush green marriage gardens, to the best banquet halls, to a range of beautiful wedding lawns and farmhouses, among many other wedding venues, the WeddingWire India assists you with over a list of 1000 vendors enlisted that will help you manifest your dream wedding.

Which services are provided by wedding venues in Bhopal?

Bhopal’s wedding venues offer quality hospitality services to make your wedding a grand success and a thing to remember. Some venues in Bhopal provide multi-event space, valet parking, service staff, guest accommodation, in-housing catering availability, a wide range of sumptuous cuisine, and enlisted decor vendors. Services often vary from venue to venue, and it is best to contact your venue and understand their service policies.

What is the best time to book a wedding venue in Bhopal?

It’s always advised to book your wedding venue when your wedding date is fixed, and your guest list is finalized. In Bhopal, though wedding places get booked quickly, bookings take place almost year-round. Just make sure you book yours at the earliest possible time.

Do Bhopal wedding venues allow outside vendors?

This is strictly up to each wedding venue’s policies, and it usually varies. While some wedding venues may allow outside vendors, some do not. WeddingWire India suggests checking with your venue of choice and clarifying doubts regarding such policies.

What guest services do the wedding venues have to offer?

Guest services at wedding venues in Bhopal can range from Rooms, bars, Gym, nightclubs, Swimming pools, and Transportation services. These services are subject to change according to varying venue policies. It’s best to confirm guest services with your specific wedding venue.

What is the cancellation policy of your services?

Cancellation policies normally differ. While some wedding venues in Bhopal may deduct a small percentage of the booking amount, others might not, while some might have completely different cancellation policies in place. It’s best to inquire about the same before booking a wedding venue in Bhopal.

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