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An Editor's Guide To Using A Free Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

Find a wedding editor approved Indian wedding planning checklist from 12 months before the wedding to 1 week before the wedding. Make this your cheat sheet to plan your wedding with ease.

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Congratulations on starting your wedding planning journey. Here begins the journey towards one of the biggest events of your life. Remember to stay calm and make room for self-care activities in your schedule. 

Why Do You Need a Wedding Planning Checklist?

To make your wedding planning journey easier, of course! The best way to start your wedding preparation is by creating an Indian wedding planning checklist. From finding the right wedding venue, wedding planner, wedding decorator, bridal makeup artist, sherwani, and bridal lehenga designer for your big days to exploring care packages and making time for self pampering and self care - there’s a lot to do! 

I have put this blog together to ensure you don’t miss the most important wedding planning steps. Having a wedding planning checklist gives you enough time to plan and execute important tasks. This ensures that there's nothing left to do at the last minute and that you get to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Creating a wedding planning checklist is the key to a stress-free wedding for the couple, the family, and the vendors involved.  

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In this article - 

9 to 12 months before the wedding checklist

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Now that the families have met, sweets have been exchanged, and the families are consulting pandits and trying to decide the wedding date, how do you begin the wedding planning journey? 

If you are starting your wedding planning journey anytime between 9 to 12 months before the wedding, you have enough time to plan everything out seamlessly. Here’s the wedding checklist you should follow to avoid hassles - 

  • Discuss the wedding budget - Before you finalize the wedding theme and destination, it is important to have the most important discussion with your families. Confirm an average wedding budget. You can then use our wedding budget planner to break down your total budget into different categories. 
  • Decide the destination of your wedding - This is easy to evaluate once you have decided the wedding budget. Destination weddings can be more expensive, depending on the type of destination you choose. Discuss if you want to explore wedding venues in your city, in an Indian destination, or abroad. This will help you save a lot of time and find venues and wedding vendors accordingly. 
  • Work on your guest list - It’s time to make your wedding guest list. Both families should make their guest lists in advance to have the total number of guests handy for venue and vendor booking discussions. 
  • Finalize your wedding month and shortlist a few dates or mahurat - Don’t start talking to wedding venues or vendors without having this information handy, or else you will end up doing the same tasks multiple times. Scour through the wedding calendar and agree on a few possible dates for your wedding celebrations. You are now ready to explore vendors and venues that are available on these dates. 
  • Decide and book if you need a wedding planner - This decision will depend entirely on the size of your wedding and your wedding destination. While planning a wedding in your own city is doable, a destination wedding needs an event coordinator. You might also want to consider this if you are planning a wedding with 500-1000 guests in your city. 
  • Finalize your wedding and style - What is your wedding vision? Are you thinking about a beach wedding, fort/palace wedding, an intimate wedding in a boutique property, hill-side wedding celebration, or a big fat Indian wedding in your hometown? There are endless options to choose from. Knowing your wedding style beforehand will help you look for the right wedding venues in the right destinations.
  • Start exploring wedding venues - Finalising your wedding venue is the most important task on your wedding planning checklist and also the biggest investment in your wedding budget. Due to high demand during Saaya dates, it is advised that you start your venue tours before this time. If you are planning a destination wedding, seek your wedding planner’s assistance to look at options within your budget. Make sure you have an initial count of rooms you will need at the venue before you go ahead with the booking.

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6 to 8 months before the wedding checklist

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Have you just started your wedding planning process? 

Check out the tasks above enlisted under ‘8 to 12 months before the wedding checklist’ and start working on them first. 

Completed the previous tasks? 

Here’s your remaining wedding checklist for 6 to 8 months to go - 

  • Close the catering discussions - Most wedding venues in India offer delectable catering services for your wedding; however, if you have decided to book multiple banquets and need separate catering services, this is the right time to explore vendors and close the booking. 
  • Start looking at wedding trends and decor inspiration - It’s time to set up that Pinterest mood board now. Look for wedding trends for the upcoming wedding season and start adding the photos you like to your Pinterest boards. 
  • Book your wedding decorator - The cost of wedding decoration is growing year over year. If you need personalized decorations for each of your events, ask your wedding planner or find top wedding decorators online. 
  • Book your wedding photographer and HMU - Good wedding photographers and bridal makeup artists are always in demand on Saaya dates. Touch base with the non negotiable wedding vendors and crosscheck their availability first. Send them the booking amount to close the deal. If they are not available, start looking for other top rated wedding photographers and bridal makeup artists online and close the vendor bookings.
  • Start looking for your wedding dresses - Top designers can take up to 4 months to deliver your customized wedding dresses. Other boutiques and stores can prepare them for delivery within 30-45 days. Plan your wedding shopping timeline depending on your designer preferences. 

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4 to 5 months before the wedding checklist

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Have you just started your wedding planning process? 

Check out the tasks above enlisted under ‘8 to 12 months and 6 to 8 months before the wedding checklist’ and start working on them first. 

Completed the previous tasks? 

Here’s your remaining wedding checklist for 4 to 5 months to go - 

  • Plan your pre-wedding shoot (if applicable) - If you are planning a pre-wedding shoot, this is the right time to finalize the details. You can consult your wedding photographer and get a customized package if you want them to offer the pre-wedding videography service as well. Discuss and finalize the locations, pre-wedding shoot outfits, etc., and plan the pre-wedding shoot at least 5 months before the wedding. 
  • Finalize your wedding entertainment vendors - Do you need a wedding anchor, a folk dance group for one of the pre-wedding events, a wedding DJ, or a band for the wedding? If you have hired a wedding planner, they will help you close these bookings on time. If not, make sure you find the top wedding entertainment vendors online, discuss their availability, and book them on time. 
  • Confirm your wedding pandit/officiant’s availability - If you have not already done so, make sure your wedding pandit/officiant is available on your wedding date. Send them your wedding card and confirm all ritual details with them. 
  • Hire a wedding invitation designer - If you are planning to make printed invitations, then try to hire a wedding invitation designer 5 months before the wedding and courier the invitations to your long distance family members and friends at least 4 months before the wedding. 
  • Send Save the Dates - If you are planning to send e-invitations, send a Save the Date at 5-6 months before the wedding to ensure your family and friends have blocked their dates. 
  • Book your spa appointments to melt the stress away - Don’t let the stress of wedding planning overwhelm you. Make sure you have time to pamper yourself and take care of your health and skin. 

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3 months before the wedding checklist

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Have you just started your wedding planning process? 

Check out the tasks listed above and make sure you prioritize them first. You will have to pick up speed and close all wedding vendor bookings quickly to ensure things happen smoothly. 

Completed the previous tasks? 

Here’s the remaining wedding checklist for 3 months to go - 

  • Book your mehndi artist - Find a mehndi artist within your budget and send them the booking amount to block their dates for your mehndi function. 
  • Start buying jewelry for your wedding - Many brides opt for heirloom jewelry designs for their wedding day, but you still need to shop for accessories for your remaining wedding events. Make a detailed list of the accessories you need as per your wedding events and start shopping for them. 
  • Create a wedding website - You can use a free WeddingWire India website template to create your wedding website, which will have key information, event schedule, etc.
  • Send out your wedding invitations - Sending your wedding invitations 3 months before the wedding is a decent timeline because it helps your guests plan their schedules.  You can also plan their accommodations accordingly. If you are sending wedding invitations through WhatsApp, add your wedding website link here for easy reference. 
  • Finalize menus for all the events - You might have closed the venue booking after an initial round of discussion on per plate food costs and type of menu - total number of starters, main meals, desserts, etc., but it’s time to detail out the menu for each event. Take the wedding menu card for your wedding hotel and finalize the exact food items for each event. 
  • Finalize all wedding event schedules with your planner - What is the flow of each of your wedding events? For example, how does the couple enter the wedding venue during their engagement ceremony? Are their dance performances after that? Who performs first, and who follows? Do you have a ring bearer? There are so many nitty gritty details that go into building a successful wedding event. Your wedding planner can help you put that together in detail. If you have not hired one, make sure you plan the flow yourself and delegate these tasks to your friends and family. 

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2 months before the wedding checklist

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Here’s the remaining wedding checklist for 2 months to go -

  • Prepare song selections for all your events - Delegate this task to a friend or cousin you trust or do it yourself, but make sure you have a list of songs for each event. Send this to your DJ a few weeks before the wedding to ensure he has time to prepare his playlists. 
  • Order wedding favors for your guests - Be it a huge order for mithaai boxes or customized wedding favors like eco-friendly plants or fancy gift boxes, it’s always smart to order your wedding favors much in advance. 
  • Book transportation for your wedding guests - If you have to rent a traveler or multiple cars for transportation for your guests, now is the time to pre-book the vehicles online for your wedding events. 
  • Follow up with all your booked vendors to ensure everything is on track.

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1 month before the wedding checklist

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Here’s the remaining wedding checklist for a month to go -

  • Confirm RSVPs with all your guests, and confirm with the venue if you need to increase room counts or plates per event. 
  • Finalize the room plan if your guests are staying at the wedding venue. Ask for the hotel layout and assign rooms to your guests as required. 
  • Cross-check the weather forecasts - If you have outdoor events, crosscheck the weather forecasts. If there are chances of rain, check with your wedding venue now for a Plan B to avoid last-minute hassle. 
  • Plan a meeting with your decorator - Do a final check on mood boards and look at fabrics/props etc. if you are getting new stuff done as per your theme. Get a list of deliverables from them to make sure nothing is missing.
  • Plan a meeting with your photographer/videographer - Share your wedding photography vision with them and send your favorite shots for reference. Let the team know what you have in mind for wedding videos and photos. Check time slots for these shoots so that you/your planner can plan your wedding event schedule and make room for couple photography and bridal shoots.
  • Keep track of payments to ensure you have not missed any - If you back away from paying the deposits on time after booking a vendor, there’s a good chance they will cancel your booking. Make sure you have written contracts for all your vendors and follow these contracts to avoid any hassle. 
  • Check all outfit fittings - It’s normal to lose weight due to the wedding planning stress. Do a proper outfit measurement check and send them for fittings if required. Don’t start any aggressive dieting or fitness regimens a month before the wedding. It will impact your outfit fittings terribly. 
  • Finish all wedding shopping -  It’s time to go back to your wedding shopping list and make sure that you have checked all the boxes. From accessories for your events to lingerie shopping to bridesmaid gifts, welcome kits, wedding favors, gifts for your in-laws, and more, your wedding shopping list needs to be complete by now. Avoid dragging these tasks out until the last week before your wedding.
  • Book a wedding cake for your engagement party or reception.
  • Assign responsibilities to your friends or cousins. (if applicable)

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3 weeks before the wedding checklist

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Here’s the remaining wedding checklist for 3 weeks to go -

  • If you are planning to wear heirloom jewelry, head to the jeweler to get your heirloom jewelry professionally cleaned. 
  • Chase all your pending RSVPs and get a confirmation now. 
  • If you are planning a wedding speech or vow, write it down and then read it out loud to your sibling or bestie. Make sure it sounds right and is written from the heart!
  • Schedule a final meeting with your wedding planner (if applicable)

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1 week before the wedding checklist

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  • Steam your wedding outfits and ensure each event’s outfit and accessories are stored in one bag. 
  • If you have opted for a destination wedding, complete packing your bags now to ensure you don’t miss packing anything. 
  • Complete getting your wedding trousseau packed by a professional or your family members. 
  • Pack your bags for your post-wedding events or if you are heading for your honeymoon right after the wedding. 
  • Arrange all pending payments for your wedding vendors. Even if you have to pay the remaining amounts after the wedding, make sure the cash is in one place or assign someone to transfer the amounts on time.
  • Get your waxing, manicure, pedicure, or any other self-care session at least 5-7 days before the wedding.

Planning your wedding can be stressful, but that is why we are here to help! Shaadi ki Taiyari Asaan Hai if you visit You can access our free wedding planning tools or contact wedding vendors through our website with just one click!